Harper and the Religious Right

It’s hard to understand why anyone would be foolish enough to vote for the Harper Government when he has made it clear he has no interest in you, just your vote. He is a dangerous young man, a neoliberalist and of the religious right both of which have a history of utter destruction wherever they were introduced and taking generations to put right.
Harper is shovelling our money into the maw of big business bribing them to be good citizens, to stay here and behave responsibly. In the meantime, he has no interest in the most vulnerable of Canadians: the sick, mentally ill, seniors, Natives, farmers, youth and students. They are expected to fall off the radar (along with the women in his party) and be of no further bother to him. But he’s keenly interested in factory farms, GMOs, violent and destructive mining practices, torturing prisoners, capital punishment, anything that has big guns or represents profit such as secret agreements in trade. And he has utter contempt for Parliament, other MPs, and Canadians so much so that he has refused to take interviews and even respond to the media and private appeals alike all during this election.
It is a frightening prospect ahead if Harper gets back into government at all, both for us, the Canadian people, and our prized democracy. If you’re thinking of voting for your Conservative candidate, think a little longer.


About janethudgins

Scribe, student, active activist
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